Notice: This is a work in progress and will change often as we get it setup. Pages may change or be removed, the site may go down, etc.

Logging Into The celitoVoice Web Portal

This will guide you through the login process to the web portal for your phone.


  1. Follow this link or in any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) go to
  2. Once there you will see boxes for Username and Password.
  3. Your username will be your-extension@domain-name. You can get the domain name from your quick start guide that you received from the Telephone Administrator at your company, or directly from your Telephone Administrator. This will not match your email address.
    1. Example: 1234@example
  4. Your password, by default, will be your extension twice. Once logged in to the portal you will be able to change this.
    1. Example: 12341234
  5. After you have entered your credentials, simply click the Log In button.
Log In