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How Do I Add Users To Enterprise (Company) Contacts?

Enterprise (Company) Contacts is a shared directory that is visible on all phones throughout your company. It is intended for you to add contacts that your company frequently calls, or that frequently call you. A guide to assist you in adding new contacts is attached below.

This is a custom feature that must be enabled by celito prior to accessing it. Please contact support if you need this feature enabled.


  1. Log in to the celito voice web portal with the dedicated Company Contacts account that was provided to you
    1. Rather than logging in with your account, you will be provided a separate account that is used only for adding contacts. You can share this login information with anyone that you want to have access to add/remove/edit company contacts.

  2. After logging in you will see a list of all of your internal contacts, as well as any company contacts that you may have already added. You may hide the list of internal contacts from view by selecting the dropdown for ALL and changing it
    to My Contacts.

  3. To add contacts one at a time, simply click Add Contact, fill out the necessary information, and click Save.
    1. First Name and Last Name are required fields, but it does not have to be an actual person’s name.
    2. Work number, mobile number, and home number will all show up as different numbers tied to the same contact, however the phone won’t indicate which one is work, mobile, or home. The email field is not used on the phone and is not required.

  4. To add contacts in bulk from a CSV click on Import, select your file, and then click Import.
    1. You can download the CSV below and fill that out, or import a CSV from Outlook, Apple, or Google
    2. The system will attempt to match up your imported file to the required fields. If it is failing to do so then you may need to try a different file format, or it may be necessary to add them one at a time.

Download Import CSV

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