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Initiate A Call From The Web Portal

celito Voice provides the ability to initiate a phone call from the web portal, allowing you to make an outbound phone call when you're out of the office without revealing your personal caller id. You simply enter the number you want to call and the number you want the system to call you on (like your cell phone) and it will initiate the call for you. The person you're calling will see your work phone number rather than your cell phone.


  1. Log in to the celito Voice web portal and expand the Contacts window by clicking on it in the bottom right (if it is hidden), and then click on the phone icon in the top right – highlighted in green below. This will reveal the "Make a Call" dialer window.

  2. Enter the number that you want to call in the top textfield – highlighted in blue below.

  3. Select the down arrow (caret) at the bottom – highlighted in red below – and replace your extension with the number that you want the system to call you on, then select Call
    1. The system defaults to calling you on your extension but you can enter a cell phone, home phone, or any other number that you can answer

  4. The system will call you on your number first. Once the call is established it will dial the number you provided to call.

    1. The person you call will see your work phone number and not the number that the system called you on

Steps 2, 3 & 4

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