Notice: This is a work in progress and will change often as we get it setup. Pages may change or be removed, the site may go down, etc.

  • Phase 1 of the process to switch from the current password scheme to the new enhanced password setup began on 2018-05-09 and is now completed
  • Phase 2 began on 2018-05-23 and is now completed
  • Phase 3 began on June 6 and is now completed

Enhanced Password Security

Currently when logging in to the celitoVoice web portal you use the same PIN that is used to check your voicemail. In order to increase security we are now separating the voicemail PIN from the portal password. You will continue using your PIN to check voicemails as usual, but you will be required to configure a new secure password to use on the web portal and softphone.

What to Expect

Enhanced passwords will be rolled out in three phases:

  1. Warn
  2. Force Reset
  3. Reject

Phase 1 - Warn (Completed)

When you log into the celitoVoice web portal with your current credentials, you will be logged in like normal but will be shown a notification at the top of the screen indicating that your password will need to be updated. It instructs you to go to your profile and update your password.


Phase 2 - Force Reset (Completed)

When you log into the celitoVoice web portal with your current credentials, you will be be redirected to a password reset page. From here you will be required to set your new password in order to login to the portal.


Phase 3 - Reject (Completed)

If you have failed to change your password during phase 1 or 2, your account will be locked out of the portal. When you log into the celitoVoice web portal with your old credentials, you will be rejected and an email will be sent to you with instructions for resetting your password. If you did not have an email address configured on your profile then you must contact celito support to have your password reset.


API Access

When accessing the celitoVoice API you must generate an OAuth token using a portal username and password. After changing your password on that account to a secure password, make sure to update your code with the new password or you won't be able to generate a token.


  • What if I do not want my password to be upgraded?
    • celito strives to keep our client's data and phones safe and protected. As such, this will be a mandatory upgrade that can't be bypassed.
  • What are the requirements on the new passwords?
    • Voicemail PIN codes will remain the same. Portal passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and require 1 capital letter and 1 number
  • What do I do if I can't log in or if I receive an error when trying to reset my password?
    • Please contact your company administrator or celito support
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