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Setup A Static Forward Button

There are a number of different ways to forward your Yealink phone. If you often forward your phone to the same number, you can create a custom button that stores the number you're forwarding to. This allows you to have a static button that you can press to toggle the forward on and off without any additional steps.


  1. Press and hold on the button you want to program until the configuration menu comes up
  2. Set the following options and select SAVE
    Type: Key Event
    Key Type: FWD
    Label: Pick a label
    Value: Leave blank

  3. Press the newly created button and it will display an additional configuration screen. Make the following changes and select Save
    Always Forward: Enabled
    Forward To: Number you want to forward to
    On Code: Do not modify (*72)
    Off Code: Do not modify (*73)

  4. The phone is now forwarded and will display an icon at the top indicating it is forwarded. The button also glows green when forwarded.
  5. The button is saved and you may now press the new button to disable and enable the forward.
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