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Factory Reset Yealink T4x

The following steps will walk you through factory resetting a Yealink T4x phone.

Depending on your phone model your screen may look different than the one shown here, but the steps are the same.


Factory resetting a phone will wipe all user information and leave it in a non-working state. You should not factory reset a phone unless instructed to do so by celito support so that we can stage your phone to be automatically configured after factory reset.

  1. With your phone on the home screen press and hold the OK button found in the center of the arrow keys for 5+ seconds.
  2. Your phone will display a prompt asking if you would like to Reset to factory setting. See Figure 1 screenshot below.
  3. Select OK
  4. The phone will reboot and return to factory defaults
    1. If celito support instructed you to reset the phone then the phone will automatically provision and reboot again. After a few minutes the phone will be ready to use.


[Figure 1]

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