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How Do I Use The Call Park Feature On A Yealink?

We have developed a custom button for Yealink phones that allows you to park and retrieve calls from a single button, as well as seeing a list of calls that are parked.

How To

  1. When a call needs to be placed on park select the Park quick dial button

  2. When the Park quick dial button is selected you will see the following buttons:
    • Retrieve: Select when you have highlighted the call to retrieve.
    • Refresh: Select when you would like to see any calls that are added.
    • Park: Select when you have a call to park
    • Exit: Select to exit this menu.

  3. When the call has been parked you will see a confirmation screen to show the parking space number

  4. When retrieving a call select the Park quick dial to view the calls on park. Highlight the call to retrieve by using the arrows then select Retrieve. You have now been connected with the call.


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