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SIP Trunk Information

celito's voice servers use standard SIP and will work with any device that is capable of SIP. While we will do everything we can to assist you in getting a SIP trunk online, celito does not sell or manage phone systems. If you need help getting your SIP trunk online beyond what celito can offer, you will need to contact your PBX vendor to receive assistance.


  • celito requires that all SIP trunks be configured with a username and password for authentication. This helps protect you and celito from fraud and also allows you to easily change IP addresses without having to notify us.
  • After your SIP trunk has been configured we will email you your credentials, including which server(s) to use. The information below is generic meant to assist you; please follow any specific instructions in the details that were provided to you.

Example Setup


SIP UserExampleUser
SIP PasswordP4ssw0rd!
SIP Server/

The server address that you are provided is case sensitive. Not following the casing you are provided may allow the trunk to register but all calls will fail. We suggest you copy/paste the server name you are provided to prevent this from happening.


All demo accounts will have the following settings:

Call Limit5 concurrent
Dial permissionUS Only
Outbound Caller IDAll outbound calls will be hardcoded to a celito number to prevent rogue 911 calls. It will not match the inbound number

Expected SIP Packets

To help assist you with troubleshooting, we are providing examples of what you should see in your SIP packets. If you are having issues registering or making/receiving calls then perform a packet capture on your network and use these examples to verify they match what we're expecting/sending.

The examples will be using the information from above and the following details as example phone numbers and IP addresses:

Your DID9193333333
Outside DID9194444444
Your PBX Public IP1.1.1.1
Celito Public IP2.2.2.2



INVITE (Outbound from client)

From"Caller ID Name"

INVITE (Inbound to client)

From"Caller ID Name" sip:9194444444@


If you have any issues registering the trunk or making/receiving calls, please contact support or your sales representative.

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