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Check Polycom Administrator Password

If you are switching to celito and keeping your old Polycom phones then it is necessary to verify that you have the administrator password for the phones. The password is required to move the phone from your current service over to celito voice. The following steps can be used at any time to verify you have the administrator password. This is information-gathering only and will not make any changes to your phone.


Your phone and display may look slightly different depending on your Polycom model, however the steps should remain relatively the same.

  1. Reboot your phone by removing the power cord and plugging it back in
  2. The phone will display Starting application, press Cancel to interrupt. Select Cancel.

  3. The phone will display Welcome! 7 seconds until autoboot and it will count down to 0. Select Setup before it finishes counting down.

    1. If it boots too quickly and you don't press Setup in time simply power cycle the phone and start back over

  4. Enter 456 (the default password) or the password that you know to be the administrator password

  5. If the password is accepted then you will see a configuration menu. Provide this password to celito.

  6. If the password is not accepted the phone will flash Incorrect Password and return you to the autoboot screen. Continue back from Step 3 and try again.

  7. Power cycle the phone and allow it to boot normally to return it to normal operation.
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