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celitoMobile Android Softphone

Your phone, phone provider, 3rd party applications, firewall, internet, and more can all impact how well the celitoMobile softphone works for you. This software is provided as-is. celito's troubleshooting of softphone issues that are specific to your setup will be limited. A softphone should never be used as a replacement for a physical phone, especially if phones are a critical part of your business.

celitoMobile Android is a softphone that allows you to make and receive phone calls, modify your answer rules, listen to voicemails, and more on your Android device.


  • Android 4.0.3+

Downloading and Launching

  • It is available for download on the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the celitoMobile icon after installing the application on your phone to begin using it

Logging In

  • Your login for the softphone is the same as your login for the celitoVoice web portal
    • If you are having trouble logging in to the softphone, use the web portal to reset your password and ensure you can log in there first. Then log in to the softphone.

Primary Functions

Receiving a Call

  • When receiving an inbound call a window pops-up with the caller ID info, allowing you to Accept or Reject the call
  • You can adjust the ringtone through the Settings menu
  • See troubleshooting steps below if you aren't able to receive calls on the softphone

Making a Call

  • You can make a call by selecting a contact from the Contact window, or by selecting the green dialer icon at the bottom right and dialing your number
  • If you have configured your cell phone number under the application settings then you will be prompted on whether you want to make the phone call via celitoMobile or via Cellular
    • Both options will show your company's outbound caller ID number and will not reveal your cell phone's number
    • Selecting celitoMobile will place the call over your data connection. If you do not have a solid data connection then you may experience audio quality issues
    • Selecting Cellular will prompt the system to call you on your cell phone number. After you answer the call, it will connect you with the person you wanted to call.

During a Call

  • The buttons allow you to perform all the typical actions like mute, hold, transfer, etc
  • If you have call recording on your account, you can start a recording through the More menu
  • Use Switch Phone to move an active call from the softphone to a desk phone

Main Window

Contacts Tab

  • The Contacts tab shows you the same contacts that are visible in the web portal
  • Internal extensions will show an icon indicating if the user is currently available or not
  • You can filter the Contacts to view only the ones you want to see
  • Clicking on a contact allows you to mark them as a favorite, call them, or edit their details

Voicemail Tab

  • The voicemail tab allows you to listen to a voicemail, as well as perform all the normal functions such as save, forward, and delete
  • If you have voicemail transcription, the transcribed message shows here as well (note: voicemail transcription is a feature that is not enabled by default)

Call History

  • The call history tab allows you to view call history
  • Clicking on an entry allows you to call that number back

To pull up the menu simply tap on the far right icon on the bottom menu bar in the app.

Answer Rules

  • From here you can adjust your answer rules by changing the priority up and down or by enabling/disabling specific rules
  • Clicking on an answer rule allows you to see the details of that rule
  • Note: You can't create/edit rule details from the softphone


  • From here you can change your voicemail greeting or create a new one
  • Click the plus sign in the top right to record a new greeting


  • From here you can change the ringtone you hear when the softphone is ringing


Can't Make Outbound Calls

  • Verify the softphone is registered
  • Verify that you can dial the number you're trying to call from your normal desk phone
  • Verify your firewall settings

Can't Receive Inbound Calls

  • Verify the softphone is registered
  • Verify that your answer rules are set to ring the softphone on incoming calls
    • Softphone extension is always [4-digit-extension]m. Example: 1001m
  • Verify your firewall settings
  • Some phones and carriers simply can't receive inbound phone calls, especially when the app is running in the background. In those cases you may not be able to receive inbound calls directly to the softphone.
    • As a workaround, you can configure your Answer Rules to sim ring to your actual cell phone number
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