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Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription is defaulted to off. Please follow the instructions below to enable it on a per-user basis.

Voicemail transcription is a feature where your voicemails are transcribed from speech to text. They can then be viewed in your email, the web portal, or the softphone. While this feature will never give you a 100% accurate transcription, they can typically be used to give you a good idea on the urgency of the message. This feature is provided at no additional cost with our hosted phone service and is "as-is."


You can easily enable voicemail transcription yourself through the web portal.

  1. Login to the celitoVoice web portal at
  2. Navigate to Messages > Settings
    1. Note: If you are an administrator doing this for your employees, navigate to Users > Pick a User > Voicemail
  3. Under unified messaging, Email Notification must be enabled in order to use Voicemail Transcription. Select your preferred option if it is currently set to None
    1. :!: If you do not select an Email Notification option then the Voicemail Transcription option will not be visible
    2. Ensure your email address is configured under your Profile options if you want to actually receive voicemail to email
  4. Change Voicemail Transcription to Enabled
  5. Select Save voicemail


Example Transcription


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Web Portal

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