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Voice Implementation Guide

This guide will help you walk through the process of your voice project. It is important to review the guide to ensure the implementation of the phone system is smooth.

Project Preparation

There are several items that can be forgotten during implementation. These are some things to think about for your current set up.

  • Fax: It is important to let us know if you have fax and if it is a physical or virtual fax.
  • Toll Free: Do you have a toll free number?
  • After Hours Service: Do you have an after-hours service that assists with calls?
  • Integrations: Do you have any CRM integrations that work with your current voice system (ex: SalesForce)?
  • Power: Do you have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch?
  • IT Team: Is your IT team available to assist with changes that may be needed to your network and firewall?

Porting (if moving your existing numbers to celito)

If you are porting numbers, we do everything we can to get requested dates. Once the port is accepted, we will send confirmation of scheduling the port.

  • CSR: In order for us to start the porting process we will need a CSR (Customer Service Record) that you can request from your current carrier. The CSR will list all the numbers attached to your account. It is important to let us know which numbers are fax.
  • LOA: Once we review the CSR we will send you a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to sign so we can submit the port to your carrier. It is important that an authorized contact on your account signs the LOA. Please make sure to review the LOA completely for any errors in the numbers. An authorized contact is someone who can call your current provider and make changes to the account.
  • Rejections: Occasionally we see rejections on ports for missing or inadequate information. We will work with you to get the right information so we can get port approval. If port is rejected that means the requested date is not approved and must be resubmitted.
  • Cancellation: Please do not submit cancellation for your current service until we successfully port. Submitting for cancellation can be viewed as a pending order and return a rejection from your current carrier.

Preparing for Installation

In order to be fully prepared for the date of install we ask that the whole staff review and update all information needed.

  • Training Videos: In order to be ready to use your new phone make sure to watch all the training videos at
  • Portal: About a week before install you will have access to the voice portal. It is important to test your login.
  • Profile: Make sure each user reviews their profile in the portal to ensure all information is accurate.
  • Voicemails: Each user needs to go under Messages/Settings and record your voicemail greeting.
  • Recorded Name: Each user needs to record their name in order for the dial by name directory to work.

Remote Locations

Celito will need to know if you have any remote employees or locations. This information will help with install and future support.

  • Numbers: It is important that you make sure any remote location numbers are part of the initial port. If they have a separate bill, then we need to submit a separate port.
  • Network: What is the network set up in the remote offices? Is it ready for a VoIP phone system?
  • Power: Does the remote location have a PoE switch?
  • Equipment: We will need to ship phones to any remote locations.

After Installation

celito requests that complete testing be done by the clients to ensure all items are set up as excepted. Any issues should be reported immediately.

  • Calls: Each user should test inbound and outbound calls on their phone.
  • Phone Tree: Make sure to designate one person that attended the initial call flow meeting with celito to fully test the phone tree to ensure all the menus are correct and all the options go to the right place.
  • Issues: If you run into issues make sure to report each item separately. Provide details with each report.
  • Cancellation: Once everything has successfully moved onto our system it is now time to submit your cancellation to the current carrier. It is always good to verify with the carrier that you have no additional numbers or services still actual on your account before submitting the cancellation.
  • Numbers Still Active: If there are still active numbers on the account request an updated Customer Service Record. Review the numbers and if you would like to keep them please send the CSR to celito so we can work on porting those services. Do not submit cancellation until this port completes.

Closing Project

celito will close your project once we see all phones online and any major issues are resolved. All minor issues will continue to be worked diligently.

  • Completion: It is important that you complete thorough testing immediately after install.

Closing Project

celito Support is available Monday – Friday 7:45am-5:45pm. Support is available after hours and weekends for system-wide outages only.

  • Tickets: You can open tickets by emailing All tickets have a 4 hour response time but if you need an update you can call (919) 852-1238 option 1.
  • Issue Details: When submitting a ticket for voice issues please include as much information as possible so we can start working on the issue. If it is a call quality issue please provide inbound/outbound phone numbers, date/ time and details of what occurred. We ask that call quality issues are reported immediately.
  • Purchases: If you need any additional equipment you can open a ticket and the support team will send the tickets to sales or you may contact your Account Executive.
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