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Quick Start Guide - Polycom Users

Portal Information: Login information is posted above for the portal.

  • Home: This page will show you any new messages, recent call history, active answering rule & active phones.
  • Messages: This will show all your messages. Use the drop down to display New, Saved and Trash messages.
  • * Under Settings you can set up your notification settings.
  • * To enable voicemail to email make sure your email address is set up in your profile. In the settings you can set up your voicemail to email preferences.
  • Contacts: This will show you all active users and any contacts that have been imported. *Please note that any imported contacts do not copy to the phone.
  • Answering Rules: This should be used as alternative answering rules for when you are away from your desk. *Please note that Time Frames need to be set up first before setting up the Answering Rule.
  • Time Frames: To set up specific time frames for answering rules use this area to set the time blocks.
  • Call History: This will show you all call history and have the ability to search and download reports of call history. *Please note that this is only saved for 3 months at a time.
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