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Join A Queue From celitoMobile (Softphone)

This process can vary depending on your particular configuration; the instructions below are meant to serve as an example. You must configured as an Office Manager/Admin in our system in order to make these changes. Please contact celito support if you have any questions or would like us to make these changes for you.


When a phone is added to a queue, you're adding the actual phone device rather than a user. That means if a user has more than one phone, like a physical desk phone and also the celitoMobile softphone, both of those devices must be added to the queue if you want to receive calls on both.


When you use celitoMobile for the first time, it will create a new lettered extension as a device on your account. It will almost always be XXXwp (example: 1009wp), but the steps below will help you look up the correct extension/device. Once you find the device and add it as an authorized device in the queue, you will be able to join and leave the queue and receive calls from it.

Find Softphone Extension

You must have logged in to the softphone at least once for this extension to be created.

  1. Navigate to Users > The user you need to add to the queue > Phones
  2. You should have a Phone listed where the name ends in wp. The Device Type should show celitoMobile.
    1. Write down the extension name shown, including any letters. In this example it's 1009wp

Add Extension to Queue

Now that you have the extension, you need to add it as a device that is capable of logging in/out of the queue. You'll want to repeat this for each queue you are trying to participate in.

  1. Navigate to Call Queues and select the person icon () to the right of the queue you want to edit
  2. Select Add Agent and enter the extension found above in to Agent Phone (in our example we would enter 1009wp)
    1. Set Status to Offline if you don't want this device to start receiving calls yet, or Online if you do
    2. Set additional options as required for your configuration
  3. Select Save Agent

Join/Leave Queue

  • To mark yourself as available/online in the queue, dial *10 from each device you want to receive calls.
  • To mark yourself as unavailable/offline, dial *11 from each device
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