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How To Make an International Call

Your account must be approved to make international calls prior to being able to make them. There is no cost to have this service enabled, however you will be billed for any usage. Please contact celito support or your account rep to sign the required international waiver and have international calling enabled on your account.


  1. Visit and select the country that you're calling to. Then enter the number you're calling and hit enter.
    1. This website will provide the full number including IDD and Country Code that you need to dial to make an international call. We are not affiliated with this site, it is simply a convenient tool for helping you determine how to dial another country.
  2. From your phone you can now dial the full number displayed
    1. If calling somewhere in the North America Number Plan but outside of the contiguous United States (such as Jamaica, Virgin Islands, etc) this website will not display an IDD. On our system you must still dial 011 before the rest of the number.
    2. If your account requires a PIN code to dial internationally then you will hear the following prompt: Please enter your password, followed by the pound key. This password is the same as your voicemail PIN.
  3. Your call will now connect as long as the number has been dialed correctly and your account has international dialing enabled

Additional Info

See our International And Extended NANPA Rate Deck for pricing on international calls.

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