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How Do I Use Call Forwarding On A Polycom?

Polycom's require a special configuration in order to properly forward a call off the system. Follow the steps below to enable and disable the forward.


This feature is still in the testing phase. If your phone does not have two separate buttons labeled Set Fwd and Rem Fwd then this feature is not enabled on your phone. Contact celito support to have it added.

Enable Forward

  1. Press Set Fwd

  2. Enter the number you would like to forward to using the keypad and press Enter

  3. The phone will dial-out and will play a recorded greeting confirming that the call has been forwarded.

  4. After a short period of time your phone will change the line status icon on the top left to indicate the phone is forwarded, and it will display the number it is forwarded to on the top right.

Disable Forward

  1. Press Rem Fwd

  2. The phone will dial-out and will play a recorded greeting confirming that call recording has been disabled.

Additional Details

  • If you forward your phone through the web portal instead of directly on the phone itself, it will show the forward on your phone within a few minutes of setting it.

  • If you have a "Forward when unanswered" rule enabled on your account (for example: to forward to someone else in the company when you don't answer your phone) then the phone will persistently display that forward.

    • If the phone is actually forwarded then the line status icon will show the forward arrow.
      [Fwd Always]

    • If the phone is simply set to forward to another user when unanswered then it will show the standard phone icon in the line status and the "Fwd" label will show "Fwd: User_xxxx" rather than a phone number.
      [Fwd when unanswered]
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