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Factory Reset An Obihai ATA

How to reset a Polycom Obihai ATA for troubleshooting


This is the old well known paper clip trick. This method will perform a full firmware level restore to defaults. In other words, it will restore both Router Network configurations and Voice configurations.

Using the end of a paperclip, press it into the raised hole, located on the bottom-left side of the Obihai. It is located on the left side of the Obihai ID label, next to the 9-digit ID/phone number. Press and hold for at least a full 10 - 15 seconds.

Note: 1. Power does need to be applied to the Obihai when this procedure is performed. 2. Be sure the paper clip is inserted straight and perpendicular to the box and not at an angle. Once you press and hold the reset button long enough, the power LED will start to blink green when the restore process begins. Then, a few seconds later, the power LED will turn Red for about 5 seconds and begin to restart/reboot. The whole process only takes 45 - 60 seconds in total.

Your Obihai is now ready to start with a clean slate.

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