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Compatible Phones And Equipment

The table below shows all phone/equipment models that have been tested on celitoVoice.

Phones that are supported by celito are available to us in our test lab and we have a lot of experience with. We will work with you to troubleshoot any phone-functionality issues with those models. Phones that are not supported by celito are to be used as-is. Issues stemming from the actual phone and not from our service will not be troubleshot or supported.

Phones that are recommended by celito are the best options to select when using our system. They are the only models that are fully certified by the celitoVoice team.

Vendor Model Sold by celito Supported by celito Recommended Notes
Algo 8180 Overhead paging
Grandstream GXP14xx
Grandstream GXP21xx
Grandstream HT701 ATA for analog lines
Grandstream HT801 ATA for analog lines
Obihai Ob302 ATA for analog lines
Polycom Soundpoint IP 450
Polycom Soundpoint IP 550
Polycom Soundstation IP 5000 Conference room phone
Polycom Soundstation IP 6000 Conference room phone
Polycom VVX 400
Yealink CP8xx/9xx Conference room phones
Yealink T4x Entire T4x series from T40P to T48S
Yealink T5x Entire T5x series from T52S to T58V
Yealink W5xP Cordless phone series (W52 to W60)

Compatible Headset List

This is a link to the PDF for headsets that have been tested to work with Yealink T4X Phones.

Yealink Tested Headset List

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